Some major points of differences between ordinary cake and fondant cake! February 4, 2018 – Posted in: Blog – Tags: ,

Some cakes look pretty ordinary and some cakes look remarkable in terms of the outer appearance. We like to have both categories of cakes according to our changing prerequisites. If a cake is not garnered, you can simply call it an ordinary cake. Conversely, a well-garnered cake catches all eyes and gives you a reason to make a huge difference on any big occasion, like your imminent birthday. Check out what is the difference between ordinary cake and order fondant cake in delhi.

What is an ordinary cake?

You can say a cake ordinary if it seems quite simple and catches no eyes. It doesn’t mean it miss the taste and stylishness. An ordinary cake is reasonably easy to make and saves your time. For instance, if you find a Mickey Mouse cake well-decorated, it is relatively clear that it is nothing less than a fondant cake. When a cake is just a product of flour, eggs, butter and sugar, it makes up an ordinary cake.

What is a fondant cake?

Fondant is just a special material called fondant that plays a vital role in embellishing a cake. Chiefly, it is a soft, flexible and edible ingredient. There are two key types of a fondant cake that includes a poured fondant and a rolled fondant. A poured fondant is a paste made of sweet and primarily used as an icing. The same is also suitable as filling materials for cakes and other pastries. Like fondant, a buttercream or an ordinary cake keeps well at room temperature. It looks less natural and gives you a taste and feeling of being synthetic. The clay-like uniformity of ordinary cakes makes fondant cakes well suitable for a variety of decorating methods.